Seneca Landfill News & Industry Updates


American Institute of Chemical Engineers Tours Seneca Landfill


On April 26, 2017, Seneca Landfill had the privilege of hosting a tour for the Pittsburgh Local Section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. The group of 18 Chemical Engineers learned about general landfill operations including liner systems, final cover systems, environmental protection and monitoring systems, gas collection and control systems, leachate collection, and storm water...Read More

Tri-County Industries, Inc. Honors Shelly Mathieson's Service


Tri-County Industries, Inc., a division of Vogel Holding, Inc., honors Shelly Mathieson for her 34 years of outstanding service. Since her start in 1983 in the Billing department, Shelly has been willing to learn and perform each office position, from Accounts Payable and Receivable to Human Resources to Dispatch. A true "Jill of all trades," Shelly is capable of handling everything...Read More

DEA’s 2017 National Prescription Drug Take Back Day


The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has announced another National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, to be held on Saturday, April 29, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The National Prescription Drug Take Back Day provides a safe, convenient, and responsible means of disposal for prescription drugs, while also educating the public about the potential for abuse of medications. This is a great...Read More

About Our Landfill Liner Systems


Have you ever been curious about how a landfill works? If you've never read about the technologies used at a landfill, you probably assume that a landfill is just a big hole in the ground that gets filled with trash. Actually, that would describe a dump, which are no longer legal under DEP standards. Modern sanitary landfills like Seneca Landfill are highly technical sites with strict...Read More

2017 Great American Cleanup of PA Announced


Seneca Landfill will again be participating in the Great American Cleanup of PA. This initiative, sponsored by Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, has engaged communities across the state in month-long cleanup and beautification initiatives for the past ten years. For this year's Pick It Up PA Days -- which extend from April 18th through May 8th -- Seneca Landfill will be offering free or reduced...Read More

Spring Cleaning and Decluttering Tips


Open the windows! Start the garden! Break out the short-sleeved shirts! Warm weather has finally returned to Western Pennsylvania. As you put away the wool sweaters, you're probably starting to feel a deep-seated itch to do a little spring cleaning. A thorough spring cleaning consists of two parts: cleaning up standard dirt and dust, and getting rid of any unnecessary items you've...Read More

Collection Dates for Household Chemical, Drug, Hard-To-Recycle Materials in Western PA


The PA Resources Council has provided 2017 dates for the collection/drop-off of a variety of hard-to-dispose-of materials. You can view all of the dates on the PRC website. Events are scheduled for a variety of hard-to-dispose-of materials, including: automotive fluids, household cleaners, pesticides, paints and other household chemicals e-waste such as computer towers and peripheral...Read More

How to Organize a Community Cleanup


Winter Storm Stella may have made it hard to think about spring and outdoor activities, but in the next few weeks, communities all over Pennsylvania will come together to beautify their neighborhoods. From May 1 through March 31, volunteers participate in a statewide event known as the Great American Cleanup of Pennsylvania. The main focus of this initiative is to clean up litter and debris...Read More

Household Hazardous Waste Management


Here's a fact for trivia night: each person in the state of Pennsylvania produces an average of 4 pounds of Household Hazardous Waste per year. And if every person in PA generates 4 pounds per year, that's a total of 25,000 tons per year statewide! Household Hazardous Waste consists of items and materials that can pose environmental and public health concerns if not managed properly....Read More

About How2Compost Labeling


When you need to throw something away, you probably consider whether it is garbage or recyclable material. But do you ever consider composting? Compost is created when organic matter is decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer or soil additive. Food and garden waste are commonly materials that can be composted. But more and more food packaging, plates, cups and even silverware are being...Read More

Comedian Shows Recycling is No Joke


A recent study suggests that younger generations are less likely to believe that recycling can benefit the planet. To combat Millennial skepticism, pro-recycling organization Plastics Make it Possible worked with comedian Rudy Mancuso to create an informational video. The clip shows Rudy interviewing New Yorkers about their knowledge of what should be kept out of landfills. Most New Yorkers...Read More

Butler County "Hard to Recycle" Guide


Seneca Landfill encourages responsible, sustainable disposal practices. As part of the Vogel Holding, Inc. family of businesses, our sister companies Vogel Disposal Service, Inc. (Mars),Tri-County Industries, Inc.(Grove City) and Valley Waste Service, Inc. (Beaver Falls) provide curbside recycling services. If you find yourself with excess recyclable materials, you can drop off your recyclable...Read More

2016 Christmas Tree Recycling in Butler County


On behalf of Butler County, Seneca Landfill will be accepting Christmas trees for recycling. The cost is $5 per tree, and the program will run through January 31, 2017. Please note that this program is only for real, natural trees, not synthetic or artificial trees. Christmas trees can be dropped off at 421 Hartmann Rd, Evans City, PA. Ask for assistance at the scale house when you enter the...Read More

Holiday Trash and Recycling Tips


There’s no secret that the holiday season means so many extra garbage bags of crinkled wrapping paper and holiday party leftovers. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, household waste increases by more than 25 percent. Your trash collection company will whisk it away, or you can bring it to Seneca Landfill during our business hours. But we do have some tips to help you and your family reduce...Read More

Vogel Family of Businesses Celebrates America Recycles Day


America Recycles Day happens every year around the 15th of November. This national initiative, sponsored by Keep America Beautiful, encourages Americans to pay closer attention to what they throw away and what should be recycled. “America Recycles Day provides the encouragement and know-how to make recycling a common practice every day of the year,” says Brenda Pulley, senior vice...Read More