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Videos about Seneca Landfill

Want to learn more about our operations, or provide education to students or community groups? Below are informative videos about Seneca Landfill's role in the community. Learn more or share the information about how Seneca Landfill operates as a renewable energy resource in the Evans City area.

Construction of Acid Mine Treatment System in Washington Township, Butler County PA

In summer 2019, Seneca Landfill, Inc. (Seneca) completed construction of an acid mine treatment system in Washington Township, Butler County on PA State Game Lands #95. The area was abandoned and left unreclaimed following past coal mining activity on the property. Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) from a seep known as SR89 was discharging directly into Slippery Rock Creek, polluting the water and damaging the aquatic ecosystem. The project has already proven successful at neutralizing the water in the area, raising the pH to around 7.0 from readings in the range of 3.0 earlier this year. The treatment system will continue to greatly improve the water quality of Slippery Rock Creek and bring relief to the ecosystems surrounding it.

Seneca Landfill - A Modern Day Landfill

Seneca Landfill is a cutting-edge facility serving the needs of customers throughout Western Pennsylvania and Ohio by accepting a wide range of non-hazardous waste. But that's just the beginning of what we do for our clients and our community.

Aerial Quick Tour: Seneca Landfill - Evans City, PA

View the key areas of our landfill site from the air in this brief 3 minute tour.