Seneca Landfill News & Industry Updates


How to Properly Dispose of Old Batteries 


Have you ever wondered how you should dispose of your old batteries? You’re not alone. In fact, roughly 29 percent of Americans aren’t sure how to dispose of their old batteries. Many consumers tend to put them in their recycling bin or end up hoarding them. However, both of these methods are incorrect. To make things even more complex, there are many different kinds of batteries. So how do you...

Seneca and TC Recycling First Aid, CPR & AED Training


Representatives from Seneca Landfill and TC Recycling received their biennial training certifications for completion of the First Aid, CPR and AED Training Course. The training was performed by and held at Harmony EMS in Lancaster Township on December 5, 2019.The course incorporated the latest science and taught students to recognize and care for a variety of first aid emergencies such as cuts,...

‘Tis The Season for Responsible Recycling! 


As we inch closer to the holidays, you’ll probably be busy with last-minute shopping and wrapping gifts for loved ones. It’s undoubtedly a chaotic time of year and recycling is probably the last thing on your mind. But did you know the amount of trash produced in the US increases by 25 percent during the holidays? That’s about one million tons of extra garbage every week! By reducing how much we...

Students Tour Seneca Landfill and Learn About Career Opportunities


On November 21st, Seneca Landfill hosted a tour for 16 students training to be diesel technicians at New Castle School of Trades (NCSOT). The purpose of the tour was to educate students on how many career opportunities exist not only in the solid waste industry but at the Vogel companies. The tour also allowed students to get an inside look at our industry-leading facilities and the equipment used...

Seneca Landfill Employees Practice Annual Confined Space Training


During the week of November 18th, Seneca Landfill performed its annual Confined Space Training with its employees. Confined spaces are defined as spaces with limited or restricted means for entry and exit. They are not designated for continuous occupancy. Seneca Landfill has many confined spaces at its location including tanks, pump stations, and manholes. Seneca Landfill emphasizes to its...

Seneca Landfill Completes Acid Mine Treatment System


This summer, Seneca Landfill, Inc. (Seneca) completed construction of an acid mine treatment system in Washington Township, Butler County on PA State Game Lands #95. The area was abandoned and left unreclaimed following past coal mining activity on the property. Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) from a seep known as SR89 was discharging directly into Slippery Rock Creek, polluting the water and damaging...

Celebrating Our American Heroes, Thanking Our Employees


Veterans Day, observed November 11th, is a time to reflect on the brave men and women that served in the United States Armed Forces. We honor this important holiday by celebrating the heroes who selflessly and courageously gave of themselves for our country and our freedom. We are especially grateful to all of our employees at Seneca Landfill that are veterans. Seneca Landfill Welcomes Veterans...

DEA's National Prescription Drug Take Back Day Set for October 26th


The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has scheduled the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day to be held on Saturday, October 26, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.To find your nearest location, visit you have any expired or unwanted prescription drugs in your home, clean out your medicine cabinet on October 26th and dispose of your old prescriptions in a...

Seneca Open House Introduces Community to Modern Landfill


On Saturday, October 12th, the staff at Seneca Landfill hosted the first-ever Open House at our facilities.The goal of the event was to create an open, transparent dialogue about how modern-day landfills operate. With so many misconceptions about landfills, we believe in educating members of the community about what exactly goes on at Seneca. We wanted to dispel the myths and rumors about...

Seneca Landfill - A Modern Day Landfill


Seneca Landfill is a cutting-edge facility serving the needs of customers throughout Western Pennsylvania and Ohio by accepting a wide range of non-hazardous waste. But that's just the beginning of what we do for our clients and our community."By permit, Seneca Landfill is a landfill. By my description, Seneca Landfill is a renewable natural gas facility," explains Ed Vogel, Vice President of...

Vogel and Seneca Help Harmony Volunteer Fire District Fund New Hose


Over the past year, Vogel and Seneca Landfill have focused on building our relationship with Harmony Fire District.The Fire Department has been advising on the methane detectors and fire detection system at the Lego-V High BTU Plant. In return, Vogel and Seneca Landfill have donated funds to ensure the department is able to provide its important services to the community.Our monetary donations,...

Propane Tank Ignites Waste Management Truck


Image courtesy of Waste Management truck in Peters Township caught fire this week when a propane tank ignited.A grill had been put out for garbage collection, with the propane tank hidden inside. When the garbage truck picked up the grill and began to compact the waste, the tank ignited, setting the truck on fire. Thankfully, no one was hurt.Please note that you should never put...

Gov. Wolf Awards $8.5M in Grants for Clean Transportation Projects


Governor Tom Wolf has announced that 34 projects across PA would receive a total of $8.5 million in grants and rebates as part of Driving PA Forward. The funds come from PA's share of Volkswagen Group of America's settlement for cheating on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions tests.The funds will be used by different initiatives focused on reducing transportation pollution and...

6 New CNG Trucks at TCI


Tri-County Industries has added 6 new compressed natural gas (CNG) tractors to our fleet. We now have 40 CNG vehicles in our fleet across all of the Vogel companies. By switching to Clean Energy Natural Gas Fuel, we've reduced our total greenhouse gas emissions by 1,215 metric tons per year! That's like:planting 31,113 treesremoving 256 cars off the roador recycling 436 tons of waste instead of...

What Happens When You Put The Wrong Thing in the Recycling Bin?


Have you ever looked at something and thought, "I wonder if this is recyclable?" You look for a label, but you're still not sure. So you decide it's the right thing to put it in the recycling bin, just to be safe.Although you have the best intentions, improper recycling (or "wishcycling") has consequences for the whole waste management system. We appreciate your desire to recycle - it's so...