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Wetlands Mitigation Project

Teachers and School Administrators: Teaching students about different habitats and biomes is an important part of a science curriculum. We welcome you to set up a field trip so that your students can experience and learn about wetlands in Western PA.

At Seneca Landfill, we place great emphasis on environmental stewardship. We want to ensure that our landfill has no negative impact on our environment or our neighbors — including the natural habitats surrounding our landfill.

Near-by pond at Seneca Landfill in Butler County.

A few years ago, we undertook a Wetland Mitigation project to help keep the surrounding area thriving. The project was designed to offset the Seneca Mine Project. We planted trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants to blend in with the surrounding pond and wetland complex. Over the years, the vegetation has become lush and diverse. Here are some of the species of plants and animals that have made a home in our wetlands.

Vegetation Species

Soft Rush
Green Bulrush
White Pond Lily
American Burreed
White Pine
Black Locust

Animal Species

White-Tailed Deer
Belted Kingfisher
Diving Beetle

We maintain the wetlands throughout the year, monitoring for overgrowths and invasive species. We are currently removing Purple Loosestrife plants, a beautiful but aggressive invader.

Beetles floating in a pond in Butler County.

 Kingfisher bird sitting on a branch in Butler County.

Fawn standing in Butler County.