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Newest Passive Mine Drainage Treatment System in Butler County Performing Well


passive mining drainage treatment system in Butler County, PAOne year after its construction, Butler County's newest passive mining drainage treatment system has been successful at improving water conditions.

The SR89 passive treatment system, located in Slippery Rock Creek, was constructed in 2019 by Seneca Landfill, Inc. The project was intended to offset and mitigate stream impacts resulting from our mine permit and landfill extension project.

Water samples taken in June indicate that the system has been successful so far. An article published by PA Environment Digest provides the following updates:

  • The acidic water went from a very low 3.3 pH with no alkalinity, to being net-alkaline with a good 6.7 pH.
  • More than 80 percent of the iron and almost all of the aluminum is being captured in the system.
  • Iron removal will likely improve once the wetland plants, which act like a filter, become established.

The Slippery Rock Watershed Coalition is excited to see the positive impact of this system. For more information on the project, as well as before-and-after pictures, click here.