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Seneca Landfill News & Industry Updates


Household Hazardous Waste Management


Here's a fact for trivia night: each person in the state of Pennsylvania produces an average of 4 pounds of Household Hazardous Waste per year. And if every person in PA generates 4 pounds per year, that's a total of 25,000 tons per year statewide! Household Hazardous Waste consists of items and materials that can pose environmental and public health concerns if not managed properly....

About How2Compost Labeling


When you need to throw something away, you probably consider whether it is garbage or recyclable material. But do you ever consider composting? Compost is created when organic matter is decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer or soil additive. Food and garden waste are commonly materials that can be composted. But more and more food packaging, plates, cups and even silverware are being...

Comedian Shows Recycling is No Joke


A recent study suggests that younger generations are less likely to believe that recycling can benefit the planet. To combat Millennial skepticism, pro-recycling organization Plastics Make it Possible worked with comedian Rudy Mancuso to create an informational video. The clip shows Rudy interviewing New Yorkers about their knowledge of what should be kept out of landfills. Most New Yorkers...

Butler County "Hard to Recycle" Guide


Seneca Landfill encourages responsible, sustainable disposal practices. As part of the Vogel Holding, Inc. family of businesses, our sister companies Vogel Disposal Service, Inc. (Mars),Tri-County Industries, Inc.(Grove City) and Valley Waste Service, Inc. (Beaver Falls) provide curbside recycling services. If you find yourself with excess recyclable materials, you can drop off your recyclable...

2016 Christmas Tree Recycling in Butler County


On behalf of Butler County, Seneca Landfill will be accepting Christmas trees for recycling. The cost is $5 per tree, and the program will run through January 31, 2017. Please note that this program is only for real, natural trees, not synthetic or artificial trees. Christmas trees can be dropped off at 421 Hartmann Rd, Evans City, PA. Ask for assistance at the scale house when you enter the...

Holiday Trash and Recycling Tips


There’s no secret that the holiday season means so many extra garbage bags of crinkled wrapping paper and holiday party leftovers. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, household waste increases by more than 25 percent. Your trash collection company will whisk it away, or you can bring it to Seneca Landfill during our business hours. But we do have some tips to help you and your family reduce...

Vogel Family of Businesses Celebrates America Recycles Day


America Recycles Day happens every year around the 15th of November. This national initiative, sponsored by Keep America Beautiful, encourages Americans to pay closer attention to what they throw away and what should be recycled. “America Recycles Day provides the encouragement and know-how to make recycling a common practice every day of the year,” says Brenda Pulley, senior vice...

DEA’s 12th National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day


If you take a look in your medicine cabinet, there's a good chance you'll find a bottle of unwanted, unused or expired prescription drugs. But you can't simply throw them in the garbage. Controlled substances like prescription drugs need to be properly disposed of. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has scheduled another National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, to be held on...

Fast Facts About Seneca Landfill


Seneca Landfill has been a part of the community since 1965. Since then, we have made giant leaps in the technologies used to store and manage local municipal waste. Here are some facts about the state of Seneca Landfill in 2016. Our landfill is lined with a total of seven (7) layers of protection to prevent soil and groundwater contamination. Seneca has installed over 40 gas extraction...

Seneca Landfill, Inc Stands Up for Industry Safety


SENECA LANDFILL, INC. STANDS UP FOR INDUSTRY SAFETY BY PARTICIPATING IN NATIONAL SAFETY STANDDOWN TO REDUCE HEAT RELATED SAFETY INCIDENTS AMONG WORKERS Stand Down Will Create a Platform for Companies and Organizations Nationwide to Improve Health Evans City, PA—May 16, 2016—Seneca Landfill, Inc. announced today that it has joined the 2016 Safety Stand Down on Water Rest and...

Landfills: Public Health, Safety, and the Environment


Landfills and recycling facilities play a major part in supporting the global need for sustainability. In honor of Earth Day, NW&RA President and CEO Sharon Kneiss discussed recycling and the surprising environmental benefits of landfills. Ready to make earth-conscious changes closer to home? The Pennsylvania Environment Digest provides these...

Passing a Garbage Truck on the Road


Last year, six waste collection employees nationwide died on the job after being hit by a car. This is an avoidable tragedy. As part of the NW&RA, the Vogel family of companies is committed to keeping our drivers safe. Our drivers are our most valuable resources, but they are also parents, spouses, children, and members of our community. Here are some tips to help ensure the safety of...

Great American Cleanup of PA


Seneca Landfill will be participating in the Great American Cleanup of PA, April 16 through May 9. During the Pick It Up PA Days, sponsored by Department of Environmental Protection and Pennsylvania Waste Industries Association, Seneca Landfill will offer free disposal services. The Great American Cleanup is an initiative to improve the areas we live, work and play in. Many community and civic...

Powering Homes in Western PA


Seneca Landfill has been part of the Western Pennsylvania community since the 1950s. Back then, a landfill was called a "dump" and it employed few of the advanced technologies that we utilize today. One of those advanced technologies is our ability to convert the methane from our landfill into a usable, renewable resource: natural gas. After extracting the methane from our landfill,...

UPS Will Power its Fleets With Landfill Gas


One issue associated with landfills is that as organic trash decomposes, it generates methane gas. Many landfills use an on-site flare to prevent the methane from escaping into the atmosphere, where it is a dangerous greenhouse gas. As part of our commitment to sustainability and responsible waste management, Seneca Landfill has taken a different approach: we convert methane into renewable...