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Landfills: Public Health, Safety, and the Environment


Landfills and recycling facilities play a major part in supporting the global need for sustainability.

In honor of Earth Day, NW&RA President and CEO Sharon Kneiss discussed recycling and the surprising environmental benefits of landfills.





Ready to make earth-conscious changes closer to home? The Pennsylvania Environment Digest provides these ten tips for improving our state's environment:

-- Plant A Tree. Each tree planted eliminates 200 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

-- Replace Your Vehicle Gas Cap. This prevents evaporation of gasoline into the atmosphere.

-- Install LED Or Compact Fluorescent Bulbs. If every household in PA swapped one traditional bulb for a more energy-efficient bulb, that would eliminate the need for about 250 megawatts of power generation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 631,750 tons of carbon dioxide.

 -- Do A Radon Test At Home. DIY tests are available at most hardware and home-improvement stores.

-- Compost. 20 percent of the yard and other waste you produce could be composted!

 -- Audit Energy Consumption. Do an energy-efficiency audit of your home or small business to find out how you can cut your operating and environmental costs.

-- Budget Water Use. Plans like this help assure that water supplies are available and the protection of aquatic life. 

-- Recycle Motor Oil. Just one quart of oil can contaminate up to 250,000 gallons of water or cause an oil slick almost 2 acres in size.

-- Buy Recycled. Close the recycling loop by asking for and buying products that are made from recycled waste products.

-- Help Your Watershed. To find your local watershed group, visit the PA Organization for Watersheds and Rivers Watershed Group Directory or call your local county conservation district for the group nearest you.