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Comedian Shows Recycling is No Joke


A recent study suggests that younger generations are less likely to believe that recycling can benefit the planet. To combat Millennial skepticism, pro-recycling organization Plastics Make it Possible worked with comedian Rudy Mancuso to create an informational video. The clip shows Rudy interviewing New Yorkers about their knowledge of what should be kept out of landfills.

Most New Yorkers were surprised by how many items and types of material can be recycled, or weren’t fully aware of how to reduce the volume of trash that ends up in landfills. Rudy quizzed New Yorkers on the following trivia:
How many tons of material were recycled in 2014?
What types of materials can be recycled?
Why can’t garden hoses be recycled?

Learn the answer to these questions, and brush up on other recycling information, at