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Latest News: Erosion Control


One of Seneca’s main priorities is protecting the environment.  Stormwater is one area of the environment we protect and erosion control plays a big part in protecting surrounding waterways.  Seneca Landfill is designed and constructed according to permitted Erosion and Control Design Plans consisting of stormwater benches, down chutes, perimeter ditches, and sedimentation ponds.  This multi-faceted erosion control system has many layers to ensure sedimentation from stormwater is controlled and managed before it leaves Seneca Landfill property.  Each day, Seneca monitors our stormwater control system to ensure it’s meeting performance standards.  Each year, the site performs several seeding and straw mulching events to minimize and control erosion around the site.  Once the garbage reaches engineered design grades, Seneca places 12-inches of soil cover over the waste then stabilizes the soil by seeding.   This usually occurs prior to the final capping of the landfill with a high density plastic membrane.

The spring of 2018 was no different.  Seneca completed over 20-acres of seeding and straw hay mulching of the landfill’s side slopes and stormwater benches.  In addition, Seneca installed erosion and control matting and seeded over 2,000-feet of stormwater control ditches on site.  The stormwater ditches then drain to one of four (4) existing on site sedimentation ponds prior to stormwater discharge from the site. 

Northern stormwater ditch excavated and commenced with the installation of erosion control matting in the ditch.

Northern stormwater ditch completed with erosion control matting and grass vegetation.

Contractor seeding and straw mulching slopes at Seneca Landfill.

Stabilized slopes at Seneca Landfill with seed and straw mulch.