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Seneca Landfill Presents at Virtual Event Showcasing Company WTE Solutions 


Through a tough 2020, Seneca Landfill continued to educate and present the landfill operations and proactive steps the company has made to convert landfill gas to a renewable natural gas that fuels its operations. 

On Tuesday, November 11, 2020, GlobalPittsburgh and Seneca Landfill participated in a virtual exchange presentation titled “U.S. Technology and Solutions for Waste to Energy Initiatives,” a project for Pakistan. Seneca Landfill presented the landfill operations as well as the company’s expansion over time to convert the landfill gas to a renewable natural gas (RNG) to fuel garbage trucks and support vehicles using landfill gas. 

The group that attended the presentation consisted of consultants and CEOs in the private and public sector in Pakistan who are focusing on waste-to-energy (WTE) projects. The goal was to expose participants to WTE technology and solutions; to observe how the US has used WTE plants to manage municipal solid waste and generate renewable energy. 

Seneca Landfill would like to thank Gail Shrott of GlobalPittsburgh for setting up the virtual presentation and give special thanks to the participants for their interest in our company and WTE projects.