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Blasting Notice


As part of our daily operations, Seneca Landfill must apply a uniform cover of approved daily cover material over exposed solid waste at the end of each working day.  There are many types of daily cover materials, but typically we use soil from our "borrow area."   In addition to cover, we also use soil and rock from the borrow area to build and maintain our internal roadways.  The soil and rock is loosened by detonating explosives according to a blasting plan approved by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).  If you are our neighbor, you may have received a notice about our blasting activities in the mail.  It's possible you also may have heard, or even felt, the blast. 

To help you understand the process and the regulatory requirements, Seneca wanted to provide resources by experts that can help you get more information.  The Office of Surface Mining has a whole section on their website related to blasting information for citizens. Seneca also frequently enlists the services of Vibra-Tech Engineers, Inc. for a deeper evaluation of critical mining operational issues.  Their Frequently Asked Questions page is another invaluable tool that can help explain exactly what happens when we blast.  And of course you are always free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!