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Seneca Hosts "Clean and Efficient Energy Ecosystems Development" Tour


On August 30, 2017, Seneca Landfill (Seneca) hosted a tour for six energy experts from Morocco to discuss and review two operating renewable energy projects using Municipal Solid Waste at the Seneca Landfill.  The projects include the High BTU Methane Recovery Plant and the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) 335 KW Engine.  Both projects process and use landfill gas to generate renewable energy in the form of compressed natural gas and electricity, respectively.
The tour was part of a joint project in conjunction with GlobalPittsburgh® and the U.S Department of State entitled, "Clean and Efficient Energy Ecosystems Development."  Seneca hosted another tour earlier this year with a delegation from Russia.

According to Gail Shrott, Director of the International Leaders Program at GlobalPittsburgh, “When I was designing the itinerary for this group of Moroccan energy experts participating in the State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program, I needed to find regional resources using renewable energy.  I immediately thought of the CHP and Methane Recovery plant at Seneca Landfill, Inc., because a group from Russia had been so impressed by it when they toured the facilities this past May.”
For more information on Seneca's renewable energy projects or to request a tour, see the Renewable Energy section of our website.