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UPS Will Power its Fleets With Landfill Gas


One issue associated with landfills is that as organic trash decomposes, it generates methane gas. Many landfills use an on-site flare to prevent the methane from escaping into the atmosphere, where it is a dangerous greenhouse gas. As part of our commitment to sustainability and responsible waste management, Seneca Landfill has taken a different approach: we convert methane into renewable energy.

The clean, usable natural gas we generate from captured landfill methane is used in several ways. It is released into the pipeline to be used as a source of heat and power for local homes. Natural gas is also used to power Compressed Natural Gas vehicles, such as the Vogel fleet of trash collection vehicles.

Now, other industries are stepping up to fuel their vehicles with renewable natural gas. UPS and Fedex have recently signed on to use this advanced technology to power their vehicles. The move makes sense: it saves the companies money, decreases their CO2 emissions and takes advantage of a widely-available renewable fuel.

Seneca Landfill supports these companies' commitment to using sustainable energy, decreasing their environmental impact and making economically smarter choices. To learn more about powering vehicles with natural gas, read the full article here.