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Students Tour Seneca Landfill and Learn About Career Opportunities


On November 21st, Seneca Landfill hosted a tour for 16 students training to be diesel technicians at New Castle School of Trades (NCSOT). The purpose of the tour was to educate students on how many career opportunities exist not only in the solid waste industry but at the Vogel companies. The tour also allowed students to get an inside look at our industry-leading facilities and the equipment used to keep things running every day. 

Edward Vogel, Vice President of Seneca Landfill, talked to the group about career opportunities at the Vogel companies and gave the students some advice. “When you get a job, don’t necessarily limit yourself,” Vogel said. “Learn as much as you can because this will make you more valuable as an employee. Continuing to learn will also give you more opportunities in any industry you work in. Many of our employees have started as diesel technicians early in their careers. These same employees have been promoted to larger roles within the company because of their ability to learn, solve problems, and get things done.”

Seneca Landfill is looking forward to hosting more tours for NCSOT students in the future. Visit New Castle School of Trades to learn more about its programs.

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Edward Vogel, Vice President, talks to the students during the tour outside the facility’s landfill gas processing plant.

Rob Kish, Operations Manager, explaining how the facility’s wastewater treatment plant works.