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Spring Cleaning and Decluttering Tips


Open the windows! Start the garden! Break out the short-sleeved shirts!

Warm weather has finally returned to Western Pennsylvania. As you put away the wool sweaters, you're probably starting to feel a deep-seated itch to do a little spring cleaning.

A thorough spring cleaning consists of two parts: cleaning up standard dirt and dust, and getting rid of any unnecessary items you've accumulated over the winter.  While we don't claim to be experts on deep-cleaning your bathtub, we do know a thing or two about what to throw away and when. Here are our tips for starting the new season with your life simplified and decluttered.

When spring cleaning, get rid of these items:

  • Broken or unwanted furniture, appliances, and household items. Contact us to find out if we accept certain items.
  • Unworn clothing. If your clothes are in good condition and on-trend, donate them or get a mail-in bag from thredUP (they'll pay you for quality items). If clothes are shabby, stained or damaged, it's time to toss them out or use them as cleaning rags.
  • Unnecessary paperwork. If your bills are online, there's no need to keep a paper copy. Receipts from things you'll never return (like gas or entertainment) need to go! Scraps of wrapping paper, magazines, and newspapers should also be tossed. Be sure to shred any sensitive documents, and recycle paper if you have recycling services.
  • Office supplies. Ditch the dried-up pens, used-up notebooks, and empty White-Out.
  • Unmatched pairs. Have one grey sock with no mate? One earring with no match? Tupperware with no lid? Let it go.
  • Old or expired food. The chili from 2014 in the back of your freezer is never going to be appetizing again. The stale pantry items and expired spices should be tossed out as well.
  • Bathroom items. Know how long to keep your cosmetics, and toss them if they've passed the limit. Combine half-used bottles of shampoo, and recycle the empties. If you've accumulated a lot of un-expired toiletries, consider donating them to a shelter.
  • Toys and snacks your children (or pets) don't enjoy. Toss or donate items your family has grown out of, or never loved to begin with.
  • Old pillows.  If you've had yours for more than a year or two, or if it does not provide the comfort you need, treat yourself to a new pillow and toss the old one.
  • Boxes. Unless you're planning to move in the next year, break down empty shipping and storage boxes and put them out for recycling. Be sure to remove your name and mailing address.