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Seneca Landfill: Dedicated to Sustainability


seneca landfill | evans city PA | sustainability and recyclingAs part of the Vogel Holding family of businesses, Seneca Landfill is part of a mission which involves holding ourselves accountable for the proper, safe and responsible handling of residential and commercial waste materials.

Along with the other Vogel Holding companies, Seneca Landfill's dedicated team works to ensure your trash and recycling are handled and processed in a way that is both socially and environmentally responsible. Here are some of the sustainability initiatives in which we participate.


Responsible Landfill Practices

At Seneca, we employ many of the most advanced, sustainable techniques and technologies available. Seneca uses a seven-layer liner system, protecting the soil and groundwater from contamination. Any water that comes into contact with the landfill is directed to the on-site water treatment plant, where it is sanitized, pH-adjusted, filtered and disinfected.

Methane produced by decomposing landfill material is captured and refined into renewable energy in the form of natural gas. This natural gas is used to power equipment at the landfill, fuel Compressed Natural Gas vehicles, and provide energy for local homes.

Additionally, Seneca's wetland mitigation project helps provide a sustainable environment for wetlands species. We maintain the area in Evans City, which is now thriving with native wildlife and plant species.



By offering recycling services to their customers, our sister companies provide a way to keep valuable resources out of the landfill. This reduces the consumption of raw natural resources and the energy required to process them into new materials. It also conserves valuable landfill space.

Vogel Holding recently invested several million dollars into our recycling facility, TC Recycling in Mars, PA. By upgrading their equipment to a top-of-the-line optical sorting system, they are able to sort 600 tons of recyclable materials per week, diverting more recyclable materials from the landfill than ever before.

Upgrading their equipment also allows the Vogel hauling companies to expand thier single-stream recycling services to more residential and commercial customers. If you do not currently have recycling or single-stream, please get in touch with your weekly garbage pick-up company to see if they offer it in your area.

To learn more about TC Recycling, visit


Renewable Energy

Beyond responsible waste and recyclable handling, the Vogel family of businesses are also committed to using renewable energy whenever possible.

Each year we expand our fleet of Compressed Natural Gas vehicles. These trucks are not only more environmentally friendly, but also make use of a resource we are already generating: natural gas from the landfill.

We have been upgrading our fleet (switching from diesel to CNG trucks) at a rate of about 10% per year since 2013. Compressed natural gas is a renewable resource that creates significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than diesel. Switching to CNG has been the right choice for the Vogel fleet because it is both more cost-effective and sustainable.

The Vogel Holding family of businesses is committed to providing sustainable, responsible services to Western Pennsylvania. If you have any questions about our operations, please visit for more information or to get in touch with one of our businesses.