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Powering Homes in Western PA


Seneca Landfill has been part of the Western Pennsylvania community since the 1950s. Back then, a landfill was called a "dump" and it employed few of the advanced technologies that we utilize today.

One of those advanced technologies is our ability to convert the methane from our landfill into a usable, renewable resource: natural gas. After extracting the methane from our landfill, we purify it into a form of natural gas that can be used to generate power and heat. This natural gas is put directly into the pipeline for use by 160 local homes.

Why do we do this? If methane gas escapes into the atmosphere, it acts as a harmful greenhouse gas. Methane is a leading contributor to global warming. As part of our commitment to making sustainable, environmentally-conscious choices, we want to take advantage of the renewable energy source that our landfill is capable of generating.

But more importantly, this is a contribution to our community. We help ensure that local providers have access to a supply of heat and energy for customers in Western Pennsylvania. The more natural gas we generate, the lower the utility costs are for you, our neighbors.

A landfill might not be the most glamorous part of your neighborhood, but we strive to be a responsible, environmentally-conscious part of the community.