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Girl Scout Troops Visits Seneca Landfill


Girl Scout Troops Visits Seneca Landfill

Members of Girl Scout Troop 54503 toured Seneca Landfill and TC Recycling on Tuesday, May 21. Discussions were focused on environmental science, sustainability, and responsible waste management. Following the tour, their troop leader sent us this email:

"Hi, David - 

I want to THANK YOU for giving us so much of your time, yesterday, and doing such a great job of explaining the landfill, recycling, and the waste collection and disposal process.  You made a huge impression upon the 7 of us!  As we were driving away they were all talking about how surprised they were by the science behind the landfill and waste management process.  I don't know if you realize, since this is your day-to-day, but they were able to see the application of chemistry, geography, engineering and technology, logistics, business management, human resource management and PR to the business of waste collection and disposal process.  You got them all thinking about solutions to the seeming challenges of the process. 

As a Troop we've spent a good amount of time in the outdoors, as Generation Z teens they are very aware of the human impact on the environment.  One of them carries a metal straw in her bag, another said she feels guilty every time she throws something away, another is terribly worried about the future of the earth.  These kids feel more stress than I ever did back in the 1980s.  Finally, I want to tell you that they remarked about how much you seem to enjoy what you do, and how you knew everything about it.  :)  Thank you for setting such a fine example. 

We'll keep the Seneca Landfill and its sister companies in mind while working towards the Girl Scouts USA GOLD Awards.  Congratulations on the Lego-V CNG station, the Governor's Award, and AFIG! 

Thank you again for being so generous with your time!   

GS Troop 54503"

We are always happy to provide insight and education about our field. The tour leaders were impressed by the enthusiasm and interest the students showed for all stages of the process. We commend these young women for their commitment to the environment, and wish them luck in their future endeavors.