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CNG: Powering Our Community


This week, we captured pictures of our Lego-V CNG station in action. A fleet of school buses refueled with compressed natural gas generated (CNG) by Seneca Landfill.

The Lego-V stations are the first of their kind in the state of Pennsylvania. The gases generated by the landfill are extracted, filtered, and refined into a usable form of natural gas. The gas is compressed at fueling stations and used by CNG vehicles, such as the school buses seen below.

The team at Seneca Landfill was thrilled to see the Lego-V CNG station being put to great use. We are proud that our work at the landfill can have such a positive impact on the community.

school buses refueling at lego-v cng station
school buses refueling at lego-v cng station