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Seneca Landfill Employees Practice Annual Confined Space Training


During the week of November 18th, Seneca Landfill performed its annual Confined Space Training with its employees.  Confined spaces are defined as spaces with limited or restricted means for entry and exit. They are not designated for continuous occupancy.  Seneca Landfill has many confined spaces at its location including tanks, pump stations, and manholes.  Seneca Landfill emphasizes to its employees that confined spaces may seem harmless and big enough to enter, but are dangerous to work in and can be life threatening if not taken seriously. 

Employees were educated on the potential dangers of entering a confined space and were trained to:

  • Recognize and test for hazards

  • Look for warning signs of hazards

  • Continuously monitor for hazards

  • Practice lockout/tag out procedures before entering a confined space

  • Wear personal protective equipment

  • Practice rescue methods

  • Clearly communicate and complete necessary paperwork before entering a confined space

  • Allow only qualified and trained personnel in confined spaces