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American Institute of Chemical Engineers Tours Seneca Landfill

On April 26, 2017, Seneca Landfill had the privilege of hosting a tour for the Pittsburgh Local Section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.  The group of 18 Chemical Engineers learned about general landfill operations including liner systems, final cover systems, environmental protection and monitoring systems, gas collection and control systems, leachate collection, and storm water collection.  In addition, the group was treated to a detailed presentation and tour of the Seneca Landfill LEGO-V methane recovery high-BTU plant that generates enough renewable energy to heat over 5,000 homes per year.
Participant Ted Anderson commented on the "high sensitivity to community and environment" demonstrated by the systems and processes in place at Seneca Landfill.
"We are happy to partner with such highly respected organizations as AIChE.  Every tour helps advance our mission of changing the existing negative perception of landfills into that of a resource rich in energy recovery possibilites.  It also affords us the opportunity to learn through the experiences of the participants," remarked Edward R. Vogel, Vice-President of Vogel Holding, Inc.
If you know or are part of an educational or professional organization that could benefit from a tour, please submit a contact form through the website.