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About Our Landfill Liner Systems


Have you ever been curious about how a landfill works?

If you've never read about the technologies used at a landfill, you probably assume that a landfill is just a big hole in the ground that gets filled with trash. Actually, that would describe a dump, which are no longer legal under DEP standards.

Modern sanitary landfills like Seneca Landfill are highly technical sites with strict regulations. One of the many regulated aspects of a landfill is the presence of a liner system. The liner system is vital to keeping trash and contamination out of the soil and water table.

Each new cell at Seneca Landfill is protected with a seven-layer state-of-the-art liner system. The PA Department of Environmental Protection inspects and certifies the liner before we begin filling the cell. This is a critical step which ensures the safety of our neighbors and the surrounding environment.

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